AUXXLouis Sterling A.K.A AUXX, is a young beat musician and aspiring producer from Birmingham, UK. His sound fuses classic Hip Hop style beats, with hints of more modern forms of beat music and the whole beat scene that has grown out of Los Angeles

URBNET is pleased to announce the release of Viejo Amigo, the new acoustic EP from Toronto based duo, Philly Moves. Viejo Amigo is filled with melodious and guitar rich tracks -- hip hop lullabies for the proletariat and all half-broken-hearts.

Viejo Amigo will be available on limited edition CD and digital download; with support from the Ontario Music Fund. Every purchase of Viejo Amigofrom URBNET comes with a bonus: behind-the-scenes footage and an exclusive interview video.

This March 10, 2015, pick up Viejo Amigo from the URBNET shop and hear why Philly Moves have been captivating listeners -- with their warm sincere energy and wistful toughness.

See U is a beatific and euphoric instrumental hip hop album and the champion URBNET release from producer, Cut From The Team. This 9 track album sounds like daydreams about an island in East Asia; because that is exactly what inspired it.

"The entire record is very personal to me ...
Sounds from a place I have an outstanding longing for ...
As a kid I always wanted to visit Japan and still do ...
Japan is a huge inspiration to me.
" ~~ Cut From The Team

See U is the soundtrack to a fantasy day in Japan and what the producer, Cut From The Team, would do with his time in this dream destination.

"Waking up in the morning, just walking around ...
Soaking up the atmosphere, skating ...
Visiting places I adore, seeing my friends, cruisin' together.
" ~~ Cut From The Team

The day that sounds sweet to Cut From The Team, fueled his creativity and gave this album a dreamy heart. Instrumental hip hop that is electric and lovely -- you can almost feel the height of Tokyo sky-scrapers around you, or the breeze from Mount Takao.

The URBNET branded Underground Hip-Hop compilation series returns in 2015 with Volume 8. This fourteen track collection features new music from D-Sisive, Moka Only, Elaquent and Def 3 as well as tracks from Sweatshop Union, Matt Brevner, Philly Moves, Swamp Thing, Dan-e-o and more of your favourite underground hip hop artists from the UBRNET roster.

Swamp Thing is a Toronto based group consisting of three emcees: longtime collaborators Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teenburger, Backburner), Chokeules (Toolshed, Backburner), and Savilion (Creature Box, Backburner). Each member of the hip hop trio has been contributing to the scene for over a decade, recording, touring, and putting out records. Both Timbuktu and Savilion have also done production for countless other artists.

Swamp Thing makes hip hop that goes bump in the night. Following the release of their sophomore effort, Firedogs, Swamp Thing returns stronger than ever with their new album, Outer Limits. The production, handled by Savilion, is harder and swampier than ever. Space-age boom bap, ranging from dark soundscapes to upbeat bangers. Outer Limits is a return to the group's b-movie and sci-fi influenced roots, which was showcased on their debut album, Creature Feature.

'Outer Limits sounds like a cross between a punch in the eye and a bowl of captain crunch." - Savilion


Eclectricity is a ten song announcement of an Artist Arriving. One of Western Canada's premiere HipHop artists, Matt Brevner makes hybrid music, because he's a hybrid human. Half-Trinidadian, Half-Japanese, and coming of into his own in the age of Everything Known, Matt Brevner is a refreshing Artist taking risks and seeing the payoffs. Combining golden flows and butter tones with a multi-genre sonic mining that borrows from everywhere and still feels entirely unique, the Vancouver, BC based Emcee/Songwriter/Producer (AND accomplished Video Director) is Crushing Right Now.

Sonically, Brevner's influences are all over the map. From Metric to French Montana and everywhere in between, Brevner pulls influences from sonics, song concepts, vocal effects and production tweaks - Nothing is off limits to add more insight to make dope music. Wanting to get his name out further, Brevner is making Eclectricity into a double disk with a bonus album called the Bushido Project, an incredible album in and of itself, that he's just throwing in there for free. Brevner is doing this because he knows you'll want to hear more from him, right away.

In the age of Innovation, Invention is Dead. Nothing is new. Only new combinations of old tricks bring the kids to the table.There's no doubt that Brevner is an oncoming artist with a huge upside. He's rapping about subjects something that matter. He's producing music at a very high level. He also directs his own videos, which on occasion, win awards. This Album is Eclectic, the Songs Electric, the Result: Expected. Matt Brevner is Fuckin Here.

Fresh off the press this year, a collaborative project with fellow Canadian rapper/producer duo, Animal Nation. The EP entitled Shake It Up, features verses from notorious battle rappers Fortunato (Duck Down Music/KOTD) and Spade (RunInk/Bell City Battles). Released September 2014 via Urbnet Records on iTunes and Bandcamp, Shake It Up is already receiving some serious acclaim. With a number of successful releases under her belt, headhunters have begun noticing Lozen's refreshingly soulful, gritty style and commercially viable persona. She has shared the stage with a roster of talent including De La Soul, Rakim, The Beatnuts , Masta Ace, Blackalicious and many more. After spending several years refining her craft, this self-professed lyrical warrior has undoubtedly matured into an innovative new-school leader.

Welcome once again to another edition of Martian Xmas, people. I can't believe I've been keeping this series going since 2004 and it has definitely evolved from the initial concept to being more thematic and simply emblematic of the winter period in the Torcharoon Universe. I had even recently considered altering the title as 'Xmas' -- seems like it may have misleading connotations but it's been a custom, so for this edition the 'Martian' stays. Things have been heating up in a great way for my crew, the torchlight commission and you are going to see and hear more and more about us all as a unit and individually. A whole platoon of talented torchbearers that for the most part both rhyme and produce and all share common musical principals and aesthetics. I am proud to have three of the commission aboard for this project: A-Ro from Vancouver, Jules Chaz from Victoria, who contributed two beats and Illa J from Detroit. The future is for all of us, birth the crew and the listener, limits don't exist, let's shake the cosmos! Big thanks to URBNET who has been committed and loyal to seeing and supporting my vision. We gonna win! Big thanks to my manager Nic who is guiding my flight course and believes in the power of this journey and finally thank you to you guys, the fans... The Torcharoons. It's in your hands where we take this just as much as it is in mine. We must all share and communicate. I do this for the greater happiness of the world. Happy winter and New Year, yall!


"What happens when three veteran power houses LMNO from the mighty Visionaries crew, Moka Only with over 50 albums deep in the game, and musical work horse Mr Brady's rawness let loose over madman producer extraordinaireJules Chaz beats? You get the eagerly awaited project Spacesuits.

Spacesuits came to light when Moka Only introduced Jules Chaz to Mr Brady a few years back via internet. Jules Chaz sent Mr Brady about 30 beats that He sat on trying to figure out what to do to them. "They were so raw, genius, and out of this world I wanted to approach them right," Mr Brady said. One day LMNO came to record at Mr Brady's studio, and he let him hear the beats. He flipped out and they immediately knocked out a couple of tracks that same day. After listening to them, they hit up Moka Only to do a feature for one of the tracks. The three of them sounded so good together, and they have so much history together from Battle Axe records in the past, it only made sense to asked Moka if he would be down to record the whole album with them. After all, Moka Only was the one to introduce them to Jules Chaz, so it made perfect sense. After listen to a few songs, and how out of this world they sounded, the name and the project Spacesuits took flight.

There effortless cohesiveness is evident with Spacesuits. They bounce off one another, and jump in and verses like the veterans they are. Spacesuits shows their versatility and ability to adapt to Jules Chaz Zany production. With Spacesuits, Not only will you get raw lyrics and beats like the songs Speedy, and _meteor, but you will also get stories with songs like heist and _chicks, as well as a array of spaced out joints and interludes. So grab your moon boots and get ready for lift off because Spacesuits is ready to take off!"

...if you're a fan of Common you'll thoroughly appreciate this album. It's a smooth listen and will have you vibing and bobbing along to tracks like 'I'm Coming on the World' and 'Rhyme is Wow'. This album tells a different story, contrast to his previous aliases Ron Contour and Torch which characterized specific time spans of his life, Moka Only is his current form and the maturity of his rap career does come through in this body of work. The formula is not experimental, he knows what works and what he's created is a concise and attractive album. His fine-tuned sound comes from two decades of rapping and an 80+ discography under his belt, not to mention collabs with MF Doom and J Dilla to name a few.

Mr Brady is sharper than he has ever been. With his new album Timing is Everything, it's evident why he's been in the game and remained relevant all these years. Not only did he handle all the rhyme duties on every track, he also produced and mixed it all himself. The soulful hard hitting album features Blu, The Grouch, Exile and more. With his passion, drive and love for the music, it's safe to say, Mr Brady is here to stay!"

Canadian hip-hop sensation Elaquent returns with the Green Apples and Oranges EP - another vibrant exhibition of ahead-of-the-curve production and musicianship from one of the great young producers in the game. Following his excellent 2012 EP Parallel, the Guelph, Ontario-based artist says he sees this new collection as a diverse, challenging attempt at furthering his skills as a composer.

Infinite follows 2011's Bill Murray EP, which won the Western Canadian Music Award for Hip-Hop Album of the Year and raised their profile beyond their grassroots following. The new LP contains a range of vibes and sounds, combining old-school hip-hop sounds with futuristic, electro headbangers, not to mention some ballads and spoken word interludes. It accomplishes the tricky task of reflecting the outfit's individual tastes, as they inform SSU's collective vision.

The group is prolific and moves quickly but, as of this moment, Infinite currently stands as the most eclectic record in the Sweatshop Union catalogue.

"People are gonna feel many different ways about this record, and that's the point: it forces the listener to recognize that Sweatshop Union can not be easily categorized or predicted," Eisley says. "I hope sincerely that people can tell that we had a lot of fun putting together all this music, and that there are many more layers left to explore."

In 2010, Pigeon Hole released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Age Like Astronauts. Using the MPC 2000, they pieced together a mix of samples, analogue synths, live instruments, and sharp lyricism - their debut outing spoke to listeners from the opening note to its final fade out. The audio translated to the stage, sending Pigeon Hole on a ruthless touring schedule, annihilating audiences across North America. Along with Sweatshop Union their energetic live show invaded the festival circuit, notably Shambhala, Rifflandia, as well as the world-renowned SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

Chimpblood, the groups second offering, delivers a sound so powerful it's impossible to ignore. Trading in their original blueprint for a heavier bass-driven electronic sound, Pigeon Hole attack with all new artillery. Chimpblood thrashes over a foundation of grimey synths, sampled and chopped over machine gun drum programming, 808s, and massive bass. An epic hybrid of music that will make you feel like you can levitate.


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