Custom Made
Hip-Hop/ Hardcore/ Rap
May 2008
Dubbed a cross between N.W.A., Mobb Deep & The Wu-Tang Clan, Custom Made is a buzzing West Coast collective/movement consisting of some of LA's most renowned, up and coming emcees. With cumulative street-based mixtape sales of 100,000 + units, support from LA's renowned mixtape DJ, DJ Warrior and seminal hip-hop brand Rawkus recently recognizing Custom Made as one of the best and brightest, ('Rawkus Next 50' honors), Custom Made step back into the limelight with their highly anticipated sophomore release, Original Dynasty.

Officially formed in 2002, Custom Made began with four founders -- Sinister Six, Bluff, Element, and Scoobs -- but quickly expanded for a fifth member, Aneek, who began his career in the NY hip-hop scene. Determined to stay independent, Scoobs inevitably established a record label for the group called Custom Made Recordings. Growing up together allowed the group to build chemistry unmatched by most artists of today. Custom Made eventually expanded into a global movement by recruiting producers and emcees from all over the world. In 2006 group member Sinister Six received a 2-4 year prison bid after violating probation on charges of possession and sales of narcotics and counterfeiting. Even with Six sidelined for the next 2 years the group continued to push their way through the independent scene at a rapid pace. After years of releasing product independently, Custom Made finally signed with indie powerhouse Babygrande Records in 2006.

Emerging from the South Bay/South Central areas of Los Angeles, Custom Made has proved to be a force in the underground scene. From releasing countless mixtapes, rocking hundreds of shows and battles, hosting their own worldwide radio show and releasing projects with Babygrande and Rawkus, Custom Made has cemented their presence in the hip-hop scene. With most of the crew in their early twenties they have already had many amazing accomplishments. With many years ahead of them Custom Made is set to prove why they are the Original Dynasty.


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